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DA Domain Authority Checker?


SEO has changed vastly over time as Google releases new updates in its algorithms quite frequently. Google algorithms are changed in order to make the search engine more user friendly. To cope up with these changes, the SEO experts need to upgrade their strategies accordingly. Every SEO person knows the importance of back linking and getting good backlinks for their website to rank higher in the search engine. The Domain Authority helps SEO experts determine the sites that might be good to get backlinks from. Our domain authority checker helps you find domain authority of a website in a few steps.


What is Domain Authority?


If you are new to SEO, this question might be in your mind that what is DA? Domain Authority, DA or site authority is a score that was coined by Moz.com to determine a website’s strength or reputation in the search engine. The score is based on the system created by MOZ and is given on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the domain authority score of a website, the more reputation it holds in the search engine.


What is A Domain Authority Score?


It is a score given to a domain based on Moz algorithm to determine its strength in the search engine. You can find the DA score of a website in domain authority score checker.


Why Do You Need To Check Domain Authority?


Backlinking is important in SEO as it helps boost your organic rankings in the SERP. Similarly, guest posting is an integral Part of SEO and backlinking, but how would you know on which website should you post your content?


There are more than 1 billion websites in the world. Hence, it is crucial to find the ones where posting your content can help you get quality backlinks. Otherwise, it is of no significant advantage to work on this strategy.


There was a dire need to find a way to determine the websites from where one can get quality backlinks. Moz created a system through which it utilizes an algorithm to check the site authority of a website. As explained above, the domain authority indicates its reputation or strength in the search engine.


It helps SEO experts post their content on websites which have good DA score and get quality backlinks. From these backlinks, one can not only increase the relevant traffic on their website, but they can also improve their rankings. Good SEO experts always check website domain authority before they spend efforts in posting content on that site.


What is Page Authority?


Some people often confuse domain authority with Page Authority or PA; however, both are completely different. Domain Authority talks about the ranking potential of an entire domain or website, the Page Authority is only limited to one page. DA is much vaster in its usage than PA; however, one needs tools to check DA and PA as there is no manual way to do it.


DA PA Checker Tool by ToolsCrowd


One cannot simply ignore the domain authority of a website in SEO. Smart marketers pay attention on their website domain authority to consistently improve their ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). They also consider DA to be a key indicator in choosing a website that can provide them with quality backlinks.


DA PA checker by ToolsCrowd is a free and one of the most accurate DA checker tools to check website domain authority. Our tool to calculate domain authority of website is very easy to use and trusted by many users worldwide.


We have built our free domain authority checker using the best and the latest tech out there so it provides highly reliable DA score which are precise just like Moz domain authority checker. Check domain authority online and stay ahead of the competition by stepping up your backlinking and ranking game with our domain authority checker free of cost.


How to Use Our Website Domain Authority Checker?


It is fairly easy to check website authority with our website domain authority checker. We have designed it in a way that you need to follow a few simple steps and you can find the DA of your website.


The Steps To Check Domain Score Are As Follows:


Simply go the URL https://toolscrowd.com/domain-authority-checker.

There you will see a box where you can enter the URL of the website for which you want to calculate domain authority.

Just hit the “submit” button and our powerful algorithm will swiftly analyze and provide you with the domain authority of your website.


You will also get other relevant information such as moz ranking, etc. Our domain authority calculator does not only find the domain authority of one website at a time. You can also find the DA of bulk websites in one go. Our DA PA checker can find the domain authority of up to 20 websites simultaneously.


In order to find the DA of multiple websites, simply enter URLs of all the websites one by one in a separate line. You do this by simply hitting the “enter” button on your keyboard once you have entered a URL. Once you submit the websites, you will see a list showing the domain authority of every website along with other relevant information.


Why Use Our Web Authority Checker?


There are a number of reasons for choosing our domain authority checker. First of all, it is simply the best DA checker tool you can find on the internet. Just to state a few, ToolsCrowd DA PA checker tool has the following plus points.


Free Domain Authority Checker


This is one of the best things about our DA checker that you don’t have to pay even a single penny for our site authority checker. Some marketers pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year just to see the domain authority of their website. You can check website domain authority with our tool for free.


Premium Domain Authority Scores


Even though it is free, our website DA checker provides premium results that you can get with any paid domain authority checking tool. The results are as accurate as they can be and hence you can get the best possible website domain rankings without having to spend a dime.


Bulk Domain Authority Checker


Most of the free DA checker tools and even many of the paid tools can only provide you with SEO domain authority score of one to five websites. With our bulk DA PA checker, you can get the DA rankings of up to 20 websites in one go.


Export with One Click


Our tool is made to deliver you the best results in the simplest and the easiest way. You don’t have to take a screenshot to save the data or manually write it down in your files. Simply download a CSV file of your data and use it in whatever way you like.


ToolsCrowd domain authority checker is not only free, but it is hassle-free, offers premium results for up to 20 websites at a time. Need more convincing? Use it now to become a fan forever.


How Can Domain Score Results Help You?


Authority score or DA rankings can help you in several ways if you know how to use the obtained data to your advantage.


Here are some ways you can benefit from the results of your domain authority check:


Competitor Analysis with Domain Authority Check


By checking domain authority of your website and your competition’s websites, you can determine where you stand in the industry. This will also help you align your strategies with the competition and help you win by making the right choice to stand above your cometitors.


Acts As KPI for Your SEO Performance


You can keep a track of your DA rating to see how your marketing efforts are performing. By using your DA score as a Key Performance Indicator or KPI, you can make strategic marketing decisions.


Get Quality Backlinks


The DA of a website can help you determine if you will be able to get quality backlinks from it or not. If you do this right, getting good backlinks from relevant websites with high DA can increase your web traffic and improve your rankings too.


What Affects the Domain Authority?


There are many factors that Moz domain authority checker utilizes to determine the DA of a website. These factors were initially like a secret recipe but now many DA checker tools especially our DA checker determines the domain authority rank on the basis of the same factors.


Here are some of the commonly known factors influencing the domain authority of a website and you can improve your DA by knowing and working on these.


Referring Root Domains.


The number of backlinks directing to the website.

Quality of the backlinks pointing to the website.

How much content is contained in the site or simply Site Volume.

Age of domain; this is determined from the time when the site went live on Google for the first time.

Amount of social signals a website has.

Quality of overall site content (for instance, low grammatical errors, use of keywords in content, intent of the content, quality of images used, plagiarism, etc).

Website speed on both the mobile and desktop devices.


Frequently Asked Questions


Here we are going to answer some of the frequently asked questions about domain authority, page authority and DA PA checking tools.


How Do I Find My Domain DA PA?


You can check the domain DA PA of your website by the help of a DA PA checker. Simply paste the URL of the website or the page for which you want to know the DA and PA in the search. Click on submit to check website DA PA.


What is a good DA PA score?


Generally, the higher the DA PA score of your website, the better it is. It is very hard to get a perfect score of 100 so scores above 50 are considered good by SEO experts.


How do I check my DA PA Spam Score?


Paste the URL of the website in the search box and our domain authority spam score checker will show you the DA PA spam score of the website. You can also do a bulk check by putting more than one website.


How Do I find the PA and DA of a Website?


Simply go to our domain authority checking tool. Paste your website URL in the search box and hit the submit button. You will get the PA and DA of the website within a few seconds.

What is a spam score?


Spam score is measuring system created by Moz to determine how trustworthy a website is. The spam score ranges between 0 and 17 with website having zero score being the most trustworthy sites.


Does Higher DA & PA ensure Better Ranking?


A higher DA & PA does not impact the ranking. In fact, it is a tool to measure the strength of a website in the search engine. DA PA scores have no impact on the ranking but they tell us the websites which follow the SEO rules for search engine ranking in the best possible way. A website with a higher score usually means that it has the best SEO practices implemented and hence good ranking is a result of those practices.


What is Domain Authority Checker?


Domain authority checker or DA PA checker is a search engine ranking tool that checks the DA PA score of a website in the search engine.


What is A Good Domain Authority?


Out of 100, getting a domain authority score of 100 is very difficult but you can say that;

Score below 40 are taken as low

Scores between, 40 to 50 are considered average

DA PA score 50 and 60 are rated as good

Scores above 60 are considered excellent


How Do I Check the Authority Of A Website?


You can check the authority of your website by copy and pasting the URL of the website for which you want to see the DA PA rating in the search box of our domain authority check tool. Hit the submit button to see the results.



Website domain authority is not a tool or SERP ranking but rather it a measuring system to determine the quality of the website. From the aforementioned factors that influence the DA of a website, one can clearly see that the DA shows how good the website is and how strong its reputation is in the search engine. If you want to improve the DA of your website, it means you will have to work on the quality of your website. By working on the above-mentioned factors, you can significantly improve your rankings, website quality and your DA will automatically improve. Keep a close eye on your DA with our DA PA checker and get the best results for your efforts.