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About DA PA Checker (Domain and Page Authority Checker) - Moz rank Checker

The DA PA checker tool allows users to examine a website's DA score, spam score, backlink profile, and authority. It also provides an estimate of a site's search engine authority.

What is Moz's domain authority?

The Domain Authority is a "Moz Trust" statistic that takes into account a variety of characteristics. On a 100-point scale, it is scaled.

One of them is as follows:

  • Number of backlinks in total
  • The total number of distinct domains

In Moz's methodology, a high domain authority score equals a healthy backlink profile.

Similarly, a website with a low domain authority score may not have high-quality backlinks.


How to check domain authority?

In the bulk DA PA checker, copy and paste URLs. Then, to check for DA PA with a spam score, click the "Check Authority" option.


By clicking on the values, you may sort the results. After you've completed your checks, you can save the report to Excel and use it later.


Why our DA PA checker tool?

Moz rank can be checked using a number of free DA and PA checker programs available on the internet. The best way to determine a site's Moz Trust (site authority) is to use our free bulk DA checker.

The Moz logarithmic scale was used to construct our DA PA tester. The following are some of its characteristics.

Features of PA DA Checker


  • Raw Data — This option collects URLs from raw data and checks the Domain Authority (DA) of all domains.
  • URLs List - Paste a list of clean URLs to check the authority of a website.
  • Spam Score - Our DA PA checker returns a spam score as a consequence.
  • Page Authority predicts how well or poorly a web page will rank on search engine results pages.
  • IP address - It displays a website's specific IP address as well as the location from which it is maintained. As a result, you can determine whether a group of websites is PBN or not.
  • Our bulk DA checker allows users to verify the DA and PA of up to 500 domains at once.
  • Google Indexed Pages Checker - In addition to da pa and spam score, our tool allows you to check each domain's indexed pages on Google.
  • Download Excel Report – One-Click

Bulk Domain Authority Checker (Freemium)

Only one domain's DA is shown per search by Moz. A Moz premium user can only examine the domain authority of one website at a time. Users would have to check each domain individually.


We, unlike Moz, provide bulk domain checking for SEOs' ease. The bulk DA PA checker from tools crowd is the only tool that can check a large number of domains (500).


Following are the plans to check bulk domain authority:

Registered User (Free)

If you're a registered user, you can use our Moz DA checker to verify the DA of up to 25 websites. The DA checker, on the other hand, will only show the spam score of the first two websites.


Visitors (Free)

You can check ten websites in one attempt if you are a visitor (unregistered user). Refresh the page to check the DA of the top ten websites. The DA checker, on the other hand, will only show the spam score of the first two websites.


Good Domain Authority (Moz DA) score?

There is no such thing as a "good" or "poor" domain authority score, according to Moz.


The closer a website's DA PA is to 100, the more probable it is to have high domain authority. In the same way, the closer a website's score is to 0, the lower its DA score.


The table below provides a general knowledge of what constitutes a good authority score.


Domain Authority

















What is a bad Spam Score?

To calculate the spam score, Moz uses 17 flags (a number of elements that may or may not enhance the spam score). The following graph shows the relationship between the number of flags and the probability of spam.


Moz's Spam Score Metric: What It Is and How to Use It


This is how Moz determines if a spam score is good or negative.


Spam Score









Why do high domain authority and lower spam score matter?

Keeping higher domain authority and lower spam score helps to focus on ranking factors including:

  • Building quality links
  • Avoiding spammy links
  • Improving user experience
  • Enhancing social media presence

How can you Improve domain authority?

Below are the ways to improve the Mozrank of your website:

Guest blogging

Because link equity is a two-way street, write high-quality material for a guest post. You will receive high authority mentions if you connect to other high-quality websites.


These dofollow/nofollow links will aid in the improvement of your Moz rank.


Hire an SEO agency

Hiring a competent SEO agency or SEO professionals will improve the performance of your website.


They can obtain backlinks from other websites, develop a link-building strategy, avoid low-quality connections, and correct them in order to raise the site's DA score.


How does the Domain Authority Checker Tool Help to Improve SEO?

Domain and Page Authority measures a website's off-page SEO activities, SEO strategy, social signals, and SERP ranking potential.


As a result, the Moz rank can help us better comprehend a website's overall SEO and ranking.


Domain authority and page authority are useful indicators for determining a domain's rank and authority. However, improving DA alone should not be the end goal.


When defining SEO goals to outrank the direct competition, there are numerous other SEO KPIs and considerations to consider.


Obtaining niche-relevant, high-quality backlinks from credible sites is one method. In order to build links, an SEO or a website owner must examine the domain authority of websites. In this instance, using a bulk DA checking program is the best option.


The worth of a website's authority is determined by its quality links, domain score, and the total number of root domains.


How to improve position on Google search engine?

The following are some of the most important factors that can help you rank higher on Google and other search engines. Please keep in mind that these are merely the fundamentals. This topic is covered in-depth in this post.

  • Write High-Quality Content
  • Keep Quality Site Speed
  • Work on On-Page SEO
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing
  • Add External Links (Outbound Links)
  • Add Internal Links (Inbound Links)
  • Remove Broken Links
  • Find Relevant Link Building Opportunities
  • Lower Bounce rate